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Look what I can do!

Hey, look what I made!

I'm gonna order one, anyone else want one? LOL.

I can put the design on T-shirts, tank tops, pretty much anything.

Game On?

I'm assuming there is game tonight, yes? Personally I hope so. Games is the fun. See you all around the usual time? Kk.

The last few months had passed quietly, if not calmly, Mazek mused to himself as he looked over his records.  He puffed his pipe absently and ignored the cooling cup of tea a servant had brought for him.  Declaring his house to be separate from Cynis was something that had been long coming, but he had not stopped to think of the amount of work that awaited him.  Soldiers' payrolls, political wrangling, letters to various house heads in an attempt to ensure recognition... the lists went on.

Fortunately his estate was in the process of being built now.  The main building had been finished, so he was able to move from his room at the inn to a proper room for a man of his stature.  Workshops and barracks were being built as he spoke, landscaping done and artwork commissioned.  Within the year the estate should be close to what he had back on the Blessed Isle.  In the meanwhile he had his work cut out for him.  A letter on his desk from his eldest son described the work being undertaken to move the Legion here.  The suspicions of the other houses made him move the legions quietly.  The men were being broken down into scales and dispatched along separate paths to get here.  More costly that way, but less trouble with the Deliberative and Houses.  To accomplish his goals he needed to consolidate his power, but without alarming those who would oppose him.

Which Mazek had to admit to himself was just about everyone at this point.  Or close enough to everyone to make the task hard.

The upcoming Tournament and feast he was sponsoring should provide a good opportunity to gauge where he stood.  Invitations had gone out months ago to important figures in the houses and proclamations to every dojo in the land announcing the tournament.  The prize of a Talent of Jade should attract sufficient contestants.  He wished the Mountain would enter, but the man was nothing if not eternally devoted to his duties.  He seemed to find the tournament unnecessary and a distraction from settling his recently arrived troops.  The Mountain's promotion was good to see, even if it made the man more dangerous than he already was.  However Mazek could not question the Mountain's morals.  His devotion to the Realm was unquestionable, and his zeal to combat Anathema was refreshing in a time when the Wyld Hunt could not be counted upon beyond the shores of the Isle itself.

Mazek closed the book he was examining and walked out onto the balcony of his room.  Before him the rough grounds of his estate were slowly being transformed by a small army of workers.  He watched them for a time and let his mind wander, forgetting about the dark clouds that lurked on the horizon.

He idly wondered whether the Roseblack would attend.  He had sent a personal invitation to her along with many members of her House.  He had always enjoyed good relations with House Tepet, and he hoped that his late wife's kin would continue said relations.

During the bustle of the Tournament he had also put out a call for one more gathering of individuals.  Mazek gazed down at a black jade ring he wore on his left thumb.  It was carved with the sigils of the five directions and had a hundred lines carved around the band.  He had called upon the surviving Hundred Chants of the Five Directions.  Not many were left, he believed, but those who were had spent the last fifty years consolidating their fortunes and power in specific industries and organizations.  The greatest danger to the Realm of their lives was rearing its head, and they were bound by oaths to fight it.

The Empress was gone, yes, but the Realm remained and as long as Mazek drew breath he would fight to save it.  Even if that meant saving it from itself.

Mazek wandered back to his desk and absentmindedly took a drink from his now cold tea.  He winced in distaste and set the cup aside.  What a waste, he thought.  He looked at his schedule for the day.  Lunch with Governor Lau.  That should be interesting.  He was going to give the Governor his invitation to the Tournament personally.  The two had a full agenda.  The discussion of troop responsibilities and zones to prevent the two armies from stirring trouble.  There was a discussion of harvesting rights on a large swath of good timber just beyond town that Mazek had his eye on.  Good money to be made there.  And of course, lastly, a discussion of city improvements that were to be funded by Mazek to compensate for the presence of his new estate, troops and the slowly growing traffic from his young house's business concerns.  Nothing terribly unreasonable there.  He was being asked to expand the port, build some warehouses and contribute funds to the paving of roads and building of fortifications.  Mazek had also requested permission to fund the construction of a proper road between the Port of Granite Waves and the jade mine.  A somewhat lengthy and expensive project, but it would greatly increase the speed at which supplies could be taken to the mine and that the jade could be brought back.  Not a direct profit there, but it would improve the town's income and increase the potential for profit.  He may even be able to charge a small fee for Guild caravans that used the road as well, he mused.  Nothing extravagant, he did not wish the Guild's ill will.  Just a modest fee for the use of a fine new road, that was all. 

A servant poked his head into his office and announced that it was nearly time for him to leave for lunch, if was going to be on time.  Mazek tapped out his pipe and rose to prepare himself.  Another fine day in the North, it was all starting to come together.



Re: Martial Arts Tourney

Hmm.  I of course am interested in the outcome/fun involved in said tournament.  I'm hoping the Mountain will enter, as that would be fun to see.

For the prize, I'm thinking that Mazek is going to offer a full Talent of jade to the winner (plus the usual trophies, badges,etc..).  It's a good sum of money (quite good) and should help draw in entrees.

I'd be all for running opponents in the Tournament, I'd enter, but I don't know that it would be good form for Mazek to enter his own tournament.  Just my thought there.

Well, I'm at work.  gtg, bai.



Aright we've not really gotten any feedback regarding our last post so I'm thinking you guys aren't so interested lol We'll try to think of something else to preoccupy.


This story is happy end!

So you guys killed your first long-term antagonist, and ended your first story arc!

You should now be at a total of 53 experience.

You have all had three months of downtime as per requests, and while nothing omg immediately pressing and terrible has happened in the last three months, there are other things going on in the world during that time that I will be posting about later.

The town has also been growing by leaps and bounds--it has most amenities you would come to expect a Realm satrapy to have, the bonus in the Port of Granite Waves being that almost all of it is new. 1,200 soldiers are now stationed here, at least 500 of which belong to the newly formed House Mazek, and 500 are Realm troops under the command of Dragon-Lord Rathok. There are roughly 1,800 non-military personnel in the city as well, making the ratio of soldiers to civilians 2 to 3. This has given the Port of Granite Waves a "military base" feel, but does not lessen it's crescendoing splendor in any way. The place is now crawling with Dragon-blooded, and unless you seek out a specific kind in the town, I will not be able to provide details on all of them. The original set you all knew from three months prior are still present, seemingly happy to make the Port their new home.

I will have more specific news and items for specific characters later in the week. If any of you think of something additional you would like to do during your downtime, from raising attributes or buying charms to making nice with specific sets of mortals or making trips to see family in the Realm, please let me know. Mazek in particular will have some work cut out for him in getting his new house recognized as a Great House, and him an actual contender for the throne.


Good news!

I just updated the Wiki so you all can stop pestering me about it!

I also have some sketches for you--

Cynis Mazek, disturbed by the lack of tea. Also featuring Cynis Mazek Aithne, with chain daiklave

Ru-Konu, given enough time, and He of the Raucous Call, Who Frightens the Scurrying Enemy Before Him (Lord Racket)

She of Swift Footfalls, Whose Fury Strikes the Enemy Above (Lady Swift)

Saturday Game: Ride Desired


  I work until 7pm on Saturday (but as noted Jaime will be here so feel free to show up at the usual time).  However, due to the combination of my co-workers of the evening and the WTA bus times, I can't hit a bus until 7:47, and then have to walk up from the B'ham station downtown, putting me here until about 8:30pm or possibly even later.    So if someone can pick me up at 7pm at OfficeMax, that would be awesome.  Please let me know!

Game Game Game

Since we aren't going to have exalted tonight, and I don't know about you guys, but I still want to RP, I vote for a one nighter.
Games Dusty and/or I could run:
Iron Kingdoms
Changeling the Lost
Changing Breeds

Mostly my votes would probably be for some more Iron Kingdoms. Its D20, urban industrial revolution fantasy, and a lot of fun.