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1. Lunars, you two get the "Hide of the Cunning Hunter" charm for free (if you meet the requirement), since you should both take it anyway.
2. Sidereals, your respective Bureaus have sanctioned and authorized used of an "identity" resplendent destiny with 5pts in duration and 5pts in endurance, as long as it's from one of your colleges.
3. Solar, I haven't thought of any special goodie to give you yet. Other than, you know, another PC.

City Lunars. What could possibly go wrong.Collapse )

Questions? Suggestions? Gripes? I'm on beats back death on AIM all night, so fire away.

Hey GM!

Can we take this campaign all the way through into the modern day?


What, Bonus Exp?!?

*It is near dusk. You have discovered to your dismay that it is harder to find restaurants that will accept your currency this far into the Denzik city ship. After many minutes of searching, you finally come across a small noodle shop nestled into the corner of a large galley. It is small; the place boasts 6 tables and a small counter through witch patrons are buying their meals. Waiting in line you survey the common folk and find a couple who are holding hands and stareing longingly into each others eyes, a seedy looking fellow in a black cloak keeping to himself, and what looks to be four young melitia men boasting stories. Decideing you should probably keep away from the fellow in black (lest your find yourself relieved of your coin purse) you sit near the young men and listen to their conversation. A strikeing young man with dark blue hair is speaking:*

"So there I was, minding my own business. I mean, I was just sitting there sipping away at my drink, when this GIGANTIC fellow...yes he was bigger then you Yun...sits down at the bar next to me.

'OI!', he says, 'You look like a sturdy young man! Hows bout i challenge you to a bit of a competition?!' Now at this point I'm baffled. I mean what in creation does he think he is doing bothering random strangers!? As I look him up and down and take a slow wiff of the smell of him, i can tell he is clearly drunk. 'Well that explains it' I think to myself...so i figure why the hell not. I smiled, and said 'sure old man, what is your challenge?'

'You see this dagga? I bet you 500 Cowerie that I can hit that vase over thea, and that you cant hit the one next to it!' I think to myself 'Oh boy Kala, you have SO got this guy'...so I decide to push my luck.

So I say 'I will take that bet, but lets make it a *thousand* Cowerie, and I will put down my best dagger aginst that fine bute you have there'

By this time, the other patrons of the bar are paying attention because this great oaf is makeing such a scene. He laughs a gigantic, boat sundering bellow and practically yells 'YOURE ON'. He grabs my outstretched hand in a vice like grip and shakes.

As he stands up, the bastard almost falls over. I think to myself 'ehhhhh mabey this wasent such a good idea after all' because its clear im going to win, and then im going to want money and he will probably be mad...but too late now.

So here he goes. Wobbeling, he lifts his throwing arm and uses his other to aim...and throws. Now you guys know me...i know a thing or two about dagger throwing...this guy had no idea what he was doing. It looked like he was trying to throw a boulder off a cliff! The dagger sails passed the target and barries itself hilt deep in the post behind it. As expected, this idiot almost goes insane with rage. He grips his face, which is turning bright red, and makes a huge fuss about how he tripped and it wasn't fair, this that and blah blah. I put a hand on his massive shoulder and say 'there there friend, better luck next time'.

Ok, you guys know that trick dagger my dad makes that is slightly curved so the blade flies in an arc? I lift it from under my cloak and with a flick of my wrist BOATH vases shatter. The look on this guy's face was priceless...right up untill his hand closes around my throat as the dumbfounded look turns to one of utter rage.


So here i am gasping for breath trying to pry his giant hand off my throat, lifted clear off the ground, all for just competeing in a friendly competition!

Now you guys remember that Dragon Blooded that lives near Mishi's? Yeah, apparently he was in the bar, because the next thing this guy knows his tunic is on FIRE. Completely forgetting me, he drops me in a heap and flails at the flames that are quickly crawling from his shoulder across his chest. He finally manages to get his tunic off and flings it to the ground. I look up and sure enough, there that red haired son of a bitch is standing with that stupid smirk on his face.

The Dragon Blooded says something about how he has to pay me, and how he better make himself scarce. The oaf says something about now having that much, to which the Dragon Blooded replies 'Give him all you have then'. The guy starts yelling again, and gets a crack to the face with a bo. This lays him out. I mean this guy is OUT. COLD. The Dragonblooded cuts his purse and tosses it to me and says 'Nice throw' and walks out.

Sware to the sea gods, true story.

*You chuckle to yourself. Mabey this ship is more interesting then you thought*

Eta, maybe?

Hey guys, Dusty and I (probably) wont make it to game/character creation tonight.
Dusty works 8-8 today, and, his Dad will be in town tomorrow, which means we need to clean house.
I get off five and will bust my ass on getting things cleaned, but no guarantee that we'll have it done by then.
If the place looks good, we'll be over around 8:30, but since I've been implanted-alien sick, I don't know if I can speed demon clean the house today.

House Rules!

Here's the list of house rules I'm considering implementing in the Celestials game (so far):

  • Countermagic: Buying any "X Circle Sorcery/Necromancy" Charm also includes knowledge of the appropriate level of Countermagic. The vanilla implementation was the worst of double-speedbumps in 1st Ed., and I'm disappointed that they didn't remove it for 2nd.

  • Overwhelming: In addition to its listed effect, Essence-users have the option of instead adding a weapon's (Overwhelming value) / 3, rounded up, to their Essence-rating-based Minimum Damage. Thus, an Essence 3 character wielding a weapon with O 1-3 would 'ping' for 4 dice. I'm open to input on this one, but I don't see it as horribly unbalanced.

  • The Armorium: Yeah, this it the big one. I know some of you have already expressed disapproval of it, and want to say straight out that I won't include it without a positive consensus. However, I'd also like to use this post as an opportunity to discuss specifics -- what is it about the changes you dislike? I see its intent as balancing the weapons along cost-lines (background cost as well as ability prereqs), so there's no clear Artifact 2 Dai-whatever that outperforms all other Art.2 weapons, and by doing so opens up flexibility and variety along those lines. Has it failed in its goal, or are we just mourning the loss of 1st Ed. Dire Lance stats?

Oh hai

We won't be heading to Conrad's until after 7:00, because that's when he's off work.


Thoughts for New Character

 With the death of the Black Fox it seemed like a good time to have Mazek exit stage right.  Sadly, this happens after the Mountain does so, then Dusty plans a pro-Mazek character, and also Aithne leaves with grandpa.

That said, Mazek was FUN but seemed to be getting in the way of potential plot, what with his Destiny of 5 and such.  Also, his station and goals meant trying to manage every aspect of his behavior at a very strict level.  Time for something different.

Mazek exit stage right (cheers and yays! fox dead!)

Mnemon Iman enter scene.

Initially I was going to go with the Righteous Devil Style because I wanted to use flamepieces and a flamepiece martial art seemed the way to go.  As Righteous Devil Style is a celestial and heretical style I had to roll him as an Outcaste and use a lot of points for setting him up.

Then Mikael tells me there's a Terrestial gun-martial art that is not heretical that I could use instead.  And that it's not half bad.

So I'm going to remake Iman as a Dynast.  I plan to make him Avi's cousin (good intro), which also makes him a cousin of Ferrosh (good tie ins).  He's going to be flamboyant, charasmatic and gay.  Why gay? I dunno, ups the flamboyant part and just seemed like a hoot to do.  Never done it before, a Gun toting Dynast with a gambling problem and a taste for adventure seemed the way to go.

He may have a small gang of lackeys, fellow banditos from his time in the South.  I'm still working that out.  I do know that I want him to be upbeat, down for any action, and not too materialistic of anything but his guns (as he gambles away everything else he gets his hands on).

Should be fun.